To start things off we will examine the place where all tennis begins: the grip. While seemingly unimportant, it plays a major role in shot selection, spin, and overall swing style. This lesson will cover the basics of the tennis grip. 

Week #5: Have Some Fun Indoors

Well, if you are going to learn the topspin forehand, then you will also want to learn the topspin backhand for almost the exact same reasons. The basic idea is almost the same with only a small variation in execution. So, without further ado, let's see how to hit one. 

Week #4: The Backhand (Basics)

Week #2: Looking at the Ball

As you improve in your game, you might notice an approaching wall as to how hard you can hit the ball. This is a common issue with any flat shot, but luckily there is a solution: topspin. By adding a forward spin to the ball, the aerodynamics change to allow the ball to drop into the court at much higher speeds and with a much higher margin of safety. While it may seem impossible to learn at first, if you keep at it and work hard (hey, I never said it was an easy solution) then your game will increase exponentially and a whole new court will appear. Good Luck!

Week #1: The Grip

The most common and dreaded phrase in tennis: Keep your eye on the ball. We have all heard it at least once in our careers, and it seems to be a very simple and obvious task to perform, yet it still remains as one of the toughest tennis skills to master and one of the most important to one's game. In this lesson we will try to uncover the full meaning behind looking at the ball, and methods which can help you look at it better. 

Previous Lessons

Well, the past few weeks have definitely been interesting, and getting out to hit has gotten tougher and tougher, so instead of learning a new shot, which can't be practiced until the situation changes, lets see some fun drills which you can attempt at home or if nothing else have fun watching. I hope you enjoy!

The Forehand - arguably the most used and important shot in tennis - is a key tool for maintaining rallies, opening up the court, and making decisive winners, but it can also prove to be unweildy and a "loose cannon", of sorts, if not trained properly . This lesson will cover the basics of the forehand stroke and how you can practice it for yourself. 

Week #7: The Volley (Basics)

Week #8: Topspin Forehand (Basics)

Week #6: The Serve (Basics)

Since last week we covered the serve, it is only fitting to follow up with the serve's best friend: the volley! The old glory days of serve and volley dominance might be over, but the volley still remains as an integral part of the tennis game. It is still one of the best ways to reliably end a point and open up the court. However, the shorter distance to the opponent can make it tricky. Nothing hurts more than messing up an easy put away, so we have prepared a video to ensure you make those points. 

Week #3: The Forehand (Basics)

The Backhand, while not as popular or flashy as its forehand counterpart, is a crucial component in maintaining solid, consistent rallies and can be used as a weapon just the same. With that being said, it tends to be neglected and becomes a defensive punt which is used as little as possible. This lesson is all about covering the basics of a good backhand shot, so you can get the most out of it. Lets see what they are!

Week #9: Topspin Backhand (Basics)

Good News! As things begin to reopen, we can hope to start playing again soon even though, as it stands right now, we still have to wait a little bit longer. Luckily, there is one shot perfect for learning by oneself and, even better, it is a very important one: the Serve. It sets the tone for every point, and can make or break a player's momentum in a match, meaning that establishing good serving fundamentals is very important. Lets see what those fundamentals are in this weeks lesson on the serve.