To start things off we will examine the place where all tennis begins: the grip. While seemingly unimportant, it plays a major role in shot selection, spin, and overall swing style. This lesson will cover the basics of the tennis grip. 

Week #2: Looking at the Ball

Week #1: The Grip

The most common and dreaded phrase in tennis: Keep your eye on the ball. We have all heard it at least once in our careers, and it seems to be a very simple and obvious task to perform, yet it still remains as one of the toughest tennis skills to master and one of the most important to one's game. In this lesson we will try to uncover the full meaning behind looking at the ball, and methods which can help you look at it better. 

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The Forehand - arguably the most used and important shot in tennis - is a key tool for maintaining rallies, opening up the court, and making decisive winners, but it can also prove to be unweildy and a "loose cannon", of sorts, if not trained properly . This lesson will cover the basics of the forehand stroke and how you can practice it for yourself. 

Week #3: The Forehand (Basics)