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An up and coming tennis rating system which determines levels based on game scores, opponents, and win/loss record. Levels span from 0.0 to 16.5

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Wanting to see how you stack up to others, discover purely level based tournaments, or find new people to hit with? Then look no further than the Universal Tennis Rating system.  

Week #10: Topspin Serve (Basics)

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Do you have a desire to play tennis on a competitive scene? TennisLink provides information and resources for many amazing avenues of competitive play, ranging anywhere from single tournaments to full scale leagues. 

The topspin serve is a "bread and butter" shot which has the consistency and pop the be the perfect second serve option. This benefit doesn't come for free, though, since the topspin serve is fairly difficult to learn. Luckily, the biggest hurdle is the mental picture of the swing, and once that is figured out the rest should fall into place naturally. 

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This is the standard rating system for tennis.  Levels span from 0.0 to 7.0

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